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Ethos Fitness Spa Member Testimonial – Donna Watts

Many thanks to Donna Watts for sharing her inspirational story!

Ethos has helped change my life.  I joined Ethos in June of 2010.  I had already lost 50 lbs since my weight loss surgery 6 weeks earlier.  After battling obesity most of my life, I finally decided to be proactive and get back my health and confidence.  Enough was enough!!

For me, weight loss surgery was the answer, but it wasn’t an easy answer.  It was something I had considered for quite some time, but needed the courage and commitment to finally move forward.  To succeed, I had to combine it with a high protein, low volume diet, regular rigorous exercise and a lifelong commitment and change of mindset. 

Since joining Ethos, I have made so many great friends, drastically improved my fitness level and lost 150 lbs total.  I am at my original weight loss goal set by my doctor, but recently we revised the plan to try and slowly lose a little bit more as long as my body will allow it.  I work out 5 times per week at least an hour at a time.  I would NOT have been able to do that without the positive energy of Ethos.  My favorite classes are “Give me Strength” with Ellen and Grace, Spinning with Laurie and Stride and Tone with Artie.  I also love the “Power” classes.  I occasionally take personal training sessions with Ellen.  She’s helped me so much!! 

I have amazed myself with what I am capable of.  Don’t ever think you can’t do it because if in one year I can go from being a morbidly obese couch potato to a normal weight, wearing normal sized clothes, running on a treadmill and spinning and keeping up with all the thin and fit women, anyone can!!   

Everyone at Ethos has been super supportive, and they regularly lavish me with compliments about my weight loss and transformation.  I love it and it keeps me going so that I can get to my goal and stick to my program.  I got my life back and now name many at Ethos as friends.

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  1. Sally McGrath permalink
    March 13, 2011 5:02 pm

    Donna, You are an inspiration! I first met you in spin class this winter when you told me your weight loss story. Since then I have noticed you working hard in many classes and looking terrific. I agree that Ethos is a very positive environment and I try to get there almost every day for 1 or 2 classes. I wish there was an Ethos on eastern LI where I spend my summers but there I take advantage of the outdoors for my workouts. Over the years, Ethos has been a wonderful fitness home for me and I still love the feeling of leaving my workout from a very special spa. Keep up the great work, Sally

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