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Ethos Defined:
To the Greeks, ancient and modern, the meaning is simply “the state of being”, the inner source, the soul, the mind, and the original essence, that shapes and forms a person.

Webster States:
Ethos \’e-,this\  noun New Latin : the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.

Ethos helps promote the soul and mind with education and edification through seminars and lectures. Bringing in the brightest, most innovating speakers to share their advice and wisdom is a promise of Ethos. Ethos has had the honor of hosting Dr. Robert Kandarjian, Renee Sussman and many more.

Topics often covered include diet myths, skin care, plastic surgery, life coaching, finances, art & culture, yoga, and diverse hobbies.

Ethos also hosts such events such as book clubs, knitting clubs, tea tasting, and art auctions. These events help women grow and cultivate their interests while under the guidance of experts with the support and company of friends, and family.

Ethos Vision and Mission
The vision of Ethos is to provide the most welcoming, motivating, luxurious, clean and social environment in which women can improve their health and well-being. Our mission here is to create an individualized, healthy experience for women through the personal attention of the area’s finest, professional, staff and clinicians: offering a variety of the most up to date fitness equipment, integrated wellness programs and spa services.

We hope we can cultivate a long-term relationship with our members, clients, and the community. We will give each client extraordinary customer service while taking personal responsibility to ensure the quality of all aspects of the member and client experience. We are committed to helping our clients meet their fitness/wellness goals with a positive and motivating attitude.

Ethos Team
Experienced. Talented. Energetic.  Caring. Passionate.
The Ethos Team is made of skilled and compassionate employees.
The Ethos team is totally focused on exceeding the needs and delivering on the desires of exceptional women.

As Ethos develops, we are also building the Ethos team. We seek exceptional individuals with experience and appropriate certifications in a variety of areas and interests.
If you are interested in joining the Ethos team, please contact our General Manager, at

85 Godwin Avenue (at Goffle Road)
Midland Park Shopping Center
Midland Park, NJ 07432
T: 201-251-4500, F: 201-251-3900

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