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Facial Promotional Offer:: Newsletter Mention Only

July 28, 2011

This month’s featured newsletter promotional offer is based on Luzern’s Pure Cosmeceuticals.  Below is some background on Luzern and what they’re about.

Our Formulating Principles

Cosmecutical Anti-Aging Actives
In short, Cosmecutical Grade products use active ingredients at higher levels than “over the counter” products in order to get more consistent and significant results.  Luzern spares no expense in formulating with the most effective anti-aging ingredients, no matter how expensive or rare in order to obtain these results.  These are formulating principles we have always held to, and ones that set us apart from other brands.  Luzern products contain an average of 80% Bio-Active Ingredients.  Eight times the average of other brands.

Bio-Swiss Certified Extracts
The “Gold Standard” of Organic Extracts. Pristine, yet harsh Alpine growing conditions cause these extracts to have scientifically proven, higher levels of anti-oxidants and polyphenols, the most essential ingredients in quality Anti-Aging Skin Care.  Bio-Swiss cultivation and extraction, produces bio-available activity with unsurpassed power to protect the skin from the negative impact of chemical and environmental damage.

Preservative Free/Pure Processing
Anti-Aging promises are too often counteracted by harmful chemical additives and synthetic preservatives.  These are used in almost every formulating process.  Avoiding the most commonly used additives such as parabens, petrochemicals, formaldehyde’s, synthetic preservatives, colours and fragrances, can help you avoid irritation, breakouts and the pre-mature aging of the skin.  Best of all using a Preservative Free/Pure Processing system allows us to keep sensitive active ingredients safe, making them more effective in producing superior results.

The Spa at Ethos Featured Services of the Month:

Go Pure 50m Facial
Regularly $125, Special $100

Rejuvenate & reawaken your skin with Luzern’s Organic Oxygen Facial.
This facial leaves your skin purified, refreshed and glowing.  It is customized to meet your skin’s needs and includes a blast of O2.

Crunched for time?

Book yourself a
15m Go Gorgeous Treatment
Regularly $50, Special $40

Receive a cleansing, an exfoliation & a blast of O2 to refresh your skin.

Offers available ONLY with mention of the newsletter.


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