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Stillwater Nutrition :: New Ethos Rewards Member Partner

June 10, 2011

Please join us in welcoming Stillwater Nutrition to our list of Member Rewards Partners!  All members receive a 15% discount!            

Susan Noyes
Certified Health Coach, AADP  201-638-8493


It’s more than broccoli … Holistic Wellness for You

Achieving and maintaining personal wellness is a journey, not a destination. Following a diet or exercise program alone will not equate to “wellness.” How many diets have you tried? Mind, body, soul and spirit must be in balance to create real wellness.  The Stillwater Nutrition programs are designed to help you make step by step enduring lifestyle changes that lead to your overall health and wellness. Whether you choose private sessions or a small group program, lasting results are the goal. It’s personalized, it’s realistic, it’s more than broccoli!

Program Offerings:

  • Private Sessions
    Recommended program includes two 50-minute private appointments per month for 6 months. Includes e-mail support between sessions and a variety of materials such as food samples, kitchen pantry clean-out, grocery store tips, and resources tailored to your individual areas of concern. $195 per month.
  • Group Programs
    Transitions is a 12 week group program that takes a total-system approach to promoting healthy food choices, behavior modification and real life eating plans for permanent weight loss. Not a diet, “Transitions” is aimed at long-term results and puts an end to yo-yo dieting forever. $495, includes materials.
  • Workshops
    A variety of workshops are offered in community settings and are available for private groups. Topic examples: “Toxic and Inflamed: Why can’t I lose this weight?,” “Sugar Blues,” and “The Real-Life, Real-Food Game Plan”


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